* Sean R. Bright wrote:
> I am not bringing this up for discussion as I know alot of the group is
> against it, I am just wondering if anyone would be interested in a seperate
> project to get PHP to run as an Application Server.

At LinuxTag, I had several talks about this topic:

o with Zeev on the press conference. I didn't think he really
  was against the idea of an "Application Server"[1] (remember,
  this is a buzzword, but with PHP getting more and more into
  E-Business we definitively need stable implementations of

o with Thomas Uhl from Millenux (they're deploying Linux on
  IBM Z Series) before my talk on the B2B conference. He
  said cascading app servers (which are behind the firewall)
  are necessary for his customers. So he doesn't recommend
  PHP to his customers but other languages (I'm not sure if
  I remember right, but IIRC he recommends things like

[1]: first step IMHO would be definining "PHP AppServer",
e.g. what features (crypting data between AppServer and
web server and so on) are necessary and how other languages
(Java, Zope, ...) define their "AppServer".

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