> * Sean R. Bright wrote:
>> I am not bringing this up for discussion as I know alot of the group is
>> against it, I am just wondering if anyone would be interested in a seperate
>> project to get PHP to run as an Application Server.
> [1]: first step IMHO would be definining "PHP AppServer",
> e.g. what features (crypting data between AppServer and
> web server and so on) are necessary and how other languages
> (Java, Zope, ...) define their "AppServer".

you could create this "application server" and define a new protocol
for transferring the information, etc.

or you could just use http (with ssl?) and apache as a backend
"application server" with almost any web server on the front-end.
(mod_backend for apache is a particularly good way to handle coupling
multiple frontends to multiple "application servers".)

sure, it isn't necessarily buzzword-compliant, but it already exists,
and uses proven protocols and tools.


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