At 12:03 PM 7/9/2001 -0700, Vlad Krupin wrote:
>Is it better to break things once or twice? Ok, not completely break, but 
>now I have some code working with PHP4, later I will have some code that 
>will work with PHP4.1, and finally I will re-write it to work with the 
>latest-and-best PHP5. It is more like saying "Here is my script, you can 
>run it with this version of PHP *only*, if you want to run it with another 
>one, I have another version of the script for you".
>On a sidenote, could we just create a different include (e.g. 
>include_relative, like there is include_once) that will incorporate the 
>desired functionality, and not touch include() at all? Or am I suggestiong 
>yet another bloat? Or am I missing the point here? Or did we all agree 
>that the current include() operation is so buggy that it warrants a change 
>breaking compatibility and soon?
>I do not think that going to 5.0 warrants letting the hell break loose and 
>break everything, I would still like to be able to run at least some of my 
>php4 scripts once php5 comes out, and I have lots of very elaborate 
>solutions to work around the current problems with include(). Such a 
>change will not break my code, but I can easily see what code that *will* 
>break, and I think there will be a lot of it.

What do you think about the solution I suggested? If the file can't be 
found to then look in the current scripts directory. It solves the problems 
and doesn't break BC.


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