On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, brad lafountain wrote:
> Hello,
> Ok you guys lost me here. If you could tell me what
> you would like me to do then I could go ahead with it.
> I did create a sourceforge account and put a winbinary
> release on it. Im still learning about the .m4 files
> so i don't have a unix release yet. It does compile
> and run on linux I just manually added the libary
> files to the Makefile.in. Do you guys have anything
> besides the other extension that i could look at for
> more info about the .m4.

I guess it's best to wait a bit until Rasmus writes up the procedure on
adding C extensions to PEAR. That's where your extension should go.

BTW, do you have the source on sourceforge?


"Someone clearly thinks that C is a garbage collected language"
 -- Morten Welinder

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