From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Win2k Pro SP2
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     MSSQL related
Bug description:  mssql_pconnect access violations

Firstly, I realise there are previous bug reports regarding this topic but
I wasn't sure if I (a normal user) could re-open them manually. So I'll
start a new topic.

I submitted what I thought was a bug earlier about PHPCGI pconns not
remaining persistent. Well after again attempting to move to ISAPI I
encountered access violations similar to the ones described in bug #8755.

Running my scripts (which use mssql_pconnect) it would, seemingly, chose
from an error at random from:

- An access violation
- A warning regarding something like DB-LIBRARY

After a while the script would no longer work. Something strange though is
the fact that after a while I can access a script on the server which only
outputs phpinfo() BUT I cannot access the script running the db calls in

Attempting to restart w3svc fails, it waits and waits like windows usually
does :) and after a while fails to respond. Successive calls to net stop
w3svc result in "The service could not be controlled in its present state."
(even though its still responding to phpinfo.php).

I'm currently in this state as I write, I'll reboot and attempt to get the
exact error messages.
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