ID: 10397
Updated by: rasmus
Status: Open
Bug Type: SNMP related
Operating System: W2000
PHP Version: 4.0.4
New Comment:

Start your OID with a .
ie. snmpget("myhost","public",".")

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-19 14:16:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

In my previous mail I wrote that 

will fails with warning ".iso." doesn't exists

But the exact warning is :

Warning: Invalid object identifier:

So it could be really an incorrect object identifier, but a simple 
snmpwalkoid on same machine can show you that it starts always on iso. if 
you specify no OID, and it fails if you specify OID (for example try with .1 or .iso)

Please note that my correct email is [EMAIL PROTECTED] (sorry)



[2001-04-19 07:09:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If seems that a default OID (.iso.  is always added to OID parameter when I 
call snmpget or snmpwalk.

Example, If I try :


it will try to get .iso.
so it fails....
with warning ".iso." doesn't exists

I modify php_snmp.dll when I saw with an dll editor the string . inside and 
I replace first of his char by \0, from now, it works fine, I can get different OID.

Bonus Question : What is snmprealwalk() function ? There is no information in 
documentation. It seems that it does same function that snmpwalkoid. Right ?


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