ID: 10520
Updated by: rasmus
Old Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Operating System: N/A
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
New Comment:

4.0.7 will have a config directive to turn this on.

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-26 21:54:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The variable $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA should be accessed even if PHP can recongize the 

I'm writing a program to emulate web client(in fact, it's an proxy, like CGIProxy). 
The enduser sends requests to the program, the program opens HTTP connection to target 
server and gets the response from the server. There is no problem if enduser use GET 
method, but if the method is POST and many FORM elements have same name, the big 
program is raised.


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