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I may be doing something wrong.. I'm not real sure.  Neither $argc or $argv
seem to be registered with the cgi version of php 4.0.6 and up.

The test script:
ini_set ('register_globals', 1);
ini_set ('register_argc_argv', 1);
var_dump ($argc);
var_dump ($argv);

exits with the following:

Warning: Undefined variable:  argc in ./foo.php on line 5

Warning: Undefined variable:  argv in ./foo.php on line 6

regardless of any command line options passed to it.

Older scripts that work fine with php 4.0.5 fail with 4.0.6, with identical
build options and php.ini settings.  The above script also behaves as expected
on php 4.0.5.

Any ideas? Am I missing something? Does this work for other people?


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