ID: 11000
Updated by: venaas
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: FTP related
Operating System: NT 4.0
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
New Comment:

What happens I think, is that ftp_connect uses
gethostbyname to look up the name, it's called with if you specify that. It 
looks like
gethostbyname tries to look up the address for and if it can't contact any nameservers it
simply fails. If you use localhost there is probably
something like the host file on UNIX, or maybe it is
hardcoded, that says that localhost is The
implementations I've seen of gethostbyname will notice
that it's an IP address and do no lookup, this might
not be the case on NT 4.0... If this is a general
problem (bug #11025 is similar), I suggest we fix it
by calling php_network_getaddresses() rather than doing
all the work in ftp.c. php_network_getaddresses() avoids
gethostbyname() on IP addresses.

fopen uses php_network_getaddresses(). If
fopen("";) or http://... works for you
I'll fix this for ftp_connect()

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-21 21:32:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Are you saying that only works when you are
connected to the internet, but localhost works anytime?


[2001-05-21 22:30:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Now the third answer for [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Hi Jani, I saw your question unfortunately 
just after I sent my last report):

I used the ftp-server WAR-FTPD 1.67-05 (freeware, downloadable from and tried it localy installed on my NT4.0 Worsstation with an 
external NT4.0 Intranet-Webserver (Apache with PHP 4.04).At home I used a Windows 2000 
Workstation with local running Apache and PHP 4.0.4 first, 4.0.5 after a meanwhile 

The original error-message on all configurations was:
"Warning: Unable to find ftpbuf 0 in e:\eigene dateien\php\liegenschaften\upload.php4 
on line 10"

Some new information:
To my surprise this error does not occur at home, when I am connected to Internet. 
After dialing in the script runs also with "" without any warnings, after 
shutting down the Internet-connection only $ftp_server = "localhost" or 
$ftp_server="#DNS_name_of_server#" is accteptd.
This is also the reason for my second "workaround" as described before, this is no 
one, because '' is only accepted when internet-connection is open.

Hope, this will help you!
bye... kni


[2001-05-21 21:15:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Send this bug-message this morning, got two answers myself this evening:
Obviously php does not understand ftp-server-adresses in form of "" or 
somehow, but when I used "localhost" or the name of the server defined in the 
Apache-Konfiguration the script below ran without any error-message. 
Another workaround: using '' ran also without problems!?!


[2001-05-21 16:45:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Have you tried with some public ftp-server?
Does it work then? And what is the full error message?



[2001-05-21 15:39:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I installed the PHP4 software (actual Windows binary 4.04pl1) with the actual 
Apache-Server on a NT 4.0 server. The FTP-Server I try to contact runs localy on my 
NT4.0 PC.
The following script
$ftp_user = "username";
$ftp_pass = "password";
$ftp_server = "";
$conn_id = ftp_connect("$ftp_server");
echo $conn_id;
$login_result = ftp_login($conn_id, "$ftp_user", "$ftp_pass");
causes "Warning: Unable to find ftpbuf 0 in ....".
$conn_id is null, it seems, that there is no connection.
I found some similar error-messages in the php-FAQ's, but no answer.


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