> > >
> > >socket_select(0x7fffffff, $fd_set, 0, 0, 0, 0);
> >
> > we can add a support function which return's the php_socket->socket integer.
> Glad someone came up with this.
> Since socket_select() always wants highest +1, couldn't this be
> implemented into socket_select() to go through all socket sets
> and get the number itself ?
> Or are there good reasons to let the user specify the value on
> its own ?

In theory, the user isn't going to be specifying sockets that aren't
accessible as resources.

The best way around this (IMHO) is to define a php_fd_set something like:

struct php_fd_set {
        fd_set the_set;
        int    max_fd;

Then, whenver someone calls fd_set() or fd_zero(), change
php_fd_set.max_fd appropriately as well as updating php_fd_set.the_set,
and in socket_select(), check all of the max_fd values.

Removing the first arg to socket_select(), if that's implemented, wouldn't
be a bad idea either.


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