From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: linux
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     GetImageSize related
Bug description:  getImageSize() fails for some JPEGs

JPEGs saved directly from some digital cameras do not contain whatever data
getImageSize relies on to produce an array of size and type data. Opening
such an image and re-saving (even as JPEG) within an image editor
(photoshop or equivalent) will 'fix' the image, allowing getImageSize() to
read it.

Here's an image that causes getImageSize() to fail:

Here's the same image after opening/saving; getImageSize() copes fine with
this one:

Here's the output of ImageMagick's 'identify' utility for both images:
DSC00021fixed.jpg 640x480 DirectClass 81kb JPEG 1s
DSC00021.JPG[1] 640x480 DirectClass 88kb JPEG 2s

Here's the output of 'file':
DSC00021fixed.jpg: JPEG image data, JFIF standard
DSC00021.JPG:      JPEG image data

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