ID: 12323
Updated by: cynic
Old Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Output Control
Operating System: Mac OS X
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

could you please check the source of the output (View -> Page Source in Netscape 4.x, 
and View -> Source in IE) to check that PHP scripts get actually executed?

(Sorry if this is dumb, but the example you provided really looks like this is the 

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-24 15:40:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

For those asking for an example of the script and the 

Using the following:
    print("Working so far <BR>");
    print("Still working next line is going to be a 
    // This line should be a comment
    print("This is the next line past the comment<BR>");

I get the following result:
<browser output>
// This line should be a comment print("This is the next 
line past the comment
"); Working so far 
Still working next line is going to be a comment
<end of browser output>

Thanking everyone for the help.  Greatly appreciate it.



[2001-07-24 14:28:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Also in reply to the other suggestions regarding one liners 
vs multiple line comments:

The lines I have commented are all on their own line and 
are one liners.  More or less, anywhere I use a "//" to 
comment, the entire line is displayed to the user.  The 
following two scripts will give me the same result.

    // This comment will show on the web page

    print('// This comment will show on the web page');

I noticed in the documentation that the "//" was considered 
a C++ style of commenting.  Do I possibly need a particular 
module or directive to say that "//" is a comment?



[2001-07-24 14:27:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I received an email stating that it could not be reproduced 
on a  RH Linux 7 machine.  This problem is specific to Mac 
OS X client, so I'm sure that you were unable to reproduce 
it on your box.

Either way, this is definately happening and is not "bogus" 
as you said.


[2001-07-24 14:16:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

unable to reproduce on RH Linux 7.

This sounds very bogus.


[2001-07-23 18:35:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Okay it would happen on more than one liners.

basically if you have a ?> on the same line as the // comment it will do this.

I know there is some other bugs on this same problem, but I don't have the numbers 



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