> > Chuck installed his PHP-based cvs browsing app.  It is
> > available at http://chora.php.net.  Go have a look.
> >
> > I think it looks really good and we should probably make
> > it the default for http://cvs.php.net.  Anybody see any reason
> > not to do that?
> Cool!!  A few things I noticed:
> Fix the mime_drivers.php to point to tar correctly.
> http://chora.php.net/co.php/phpweb/Mirrors-htdig.tgz?sa=1&r=1.4
> and GNU Enscript in there can pretty-print C files as well, if you want.
> And if you put an entry in for cvsusers in the cvsroots.php config file,
> it will automatically expand committer's full names and email addresses.
> Heh, it's great to see it up on php.net :-)

By the way, do you think it would be possible to put the CVS commit
message at the top of the long diff coloured output?  I always find I have
to flip back and forth between reading the commit message and reading the
actual diff to understand what is going on.


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