Stig S. Bakken wrote:

> Which search engine is this?

It's a home-brewed one, not of any particular use to most people and not 
likely something anybody's heard about like ht://dig or whatever. (We're 
developing an online educational video repository, so the search engine 
basically greps through things like video clip descriptions and cirriculum 
guidelines and such, then ranks results, that sort of thing. Not a ht://dig 
by any stretch, as its purpose more focused.)

>> Any interest in that sort of thing? And if so, C or C++?
> Your interface to PHP is C.  This won't change in a while, so if you
> want to write an extension in C++, it will end up as a mix of C and
> C++.  If you can make it work, great.  But I think you're going to run
> into a lot of hassle.  For example, when you want to return a string
> from a PHP function that you've built with the standard C++ string
> library, you have to do additional conversions for every single string
> value.  Unless you save a lot of time from using C++ components you've
> already written and such, there is great potential for wasting both a
> lot of time and cpu this way. :-)

It hasn't been overly difficult to get it to work (although it did take a 
while -- once I did the first extension, though, the rest were simple. (I 
had a fun time getting it all to work with Apache, though.)

Doing the conversions for the C++ strings to PHP strings isn't that big of 
a deal and it doesn't seem to be too taxing on the CPU. (string::c_str() 
does this quite nicely.)

I guess I'm just a C++ fan or something. 

Anyways, if C is desired, I'll go with C. At least that way I can do some 
stuff for work and hopefully give something useful back to the community.


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