Stig S. Bakken ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Uhm, why not simply run PHP scripts from cron?  Or did you want
> something inside a web server environment?

I personally have been looking for something similar.  AOLServer has
this facility:

and believe me, it rocks.

The problem it solves is this: in larger production environments,
people have usually figured out how to use CVS to do revision control
for what goes up on a web site.  cron is one of those annoying things
that has to live outside of CVS.  In a team where there can be many
people on the web server, people DO edit the cron tab, forget to save
their changes, and people only discover the problem when something
stops working.

FWIW, I'm designing a few improvements to the Apache SAPI
implementation that might make this improvement. I don't think it
belongs in the language itself though.

- Steve

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