At 01:07 30/07/2001, Marc Boeren wrote:

> > force a prefix onto the variable name.  I.e.,
> > import_globals("GPC", "form_");
>I like this idea (the whole idea of import_globals is good, I think, but I'd
>rather call it accept_globals, but more on that later :), only this would
>make it difficult to actually differentiate between get, post and cookie,
>needing import_globals("G", "get_"); import_globals("P", "post_"); and
>import_globals("C", "cookie_"); if that was needed.
>I would like to see it implemented something like
>accept_globals("GPC", 'user', 'password', 'value_*', 'more');
>where you can specify both complete names and wildcards, even though I'd
>like a better range-check for the wildcard, perhaps something like

I think that this is a clear example of "the enemy of good is the even 
better" (I'm not sure how well this translates to English :).  We need to 
keep this function simple, and that way, it clearly isn't.  If you want 
three different scopes, use 3 calls.  If you want register_globals-like 
behavior only prefixed, use import_globals("GPC", "form_").  KISS should be 
our guiding light here.


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