ID: 12426
Updated by: rasmus
Status: Open
Bug Type: HTTP related
Operating System: RedHat Linux 7.0 2.2.16-22smp
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Must be something related to that russian module you have loaded in your Apache

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-02 19:16:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Well, some days ago I had tried to patch PHP myself. No result :-( I have found that 
PHP does not get POST data larger than about 4000 bytes (3996). There is a constant in 


I understand that this constant explains the block size, which is used by PHP to read 
data from stdin in function:

in SAPI.c.

It is very VERY weird, but when I set SAPI_POST_BLOCK_SIZE to, for example, 10000, 
POST data is cutted by 4000 bytes again (not 10000, as I expected)! It looks like 
there is no bug in block-oriented algorythm of POST reading, but then why 4000?..

you think that it is HTTP-related bug? I don't think so: PHP3 works correctly...


[2001-07-27 10:57:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have configured PHP4 to process POST data less than 8000000 (phpinfo() reports that, 
see below). When I use the following script and enter a large block of text in the 
form, PHP4 cuts it off. Please test (with phpinfo() call, form at the bottom of the file) (the file I am inserting - please test it)

Here is the script:

echo @$text;

<form action=test.php method=post>
<textarea cols=60 rows=10 name=text wrap=virtual>
    <?$f=fopen("content.txt","r"); echo fread($f,100000)?>
<input type=submit name=go value="Go!">

I have encountered that use of multipart/form-data forms solves this problem, but 
usual POST forms does not work correctly. PHP3 also work correct with such forms.


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