ID: 12426
User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: HTTP related
Operating System: RedHat Linux 7.0 2.2.16-22smp
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Oh, you are right, Rasmus! Thanks a lot.

I tried to set Russian Apache 1.3.20 (my old version was 1.3.14) and test PHP under 
it. Big POST transfer works correctly! But then my Apache had died (oh, too many 
made-by-hand patches, iI think), it is only my problem, I suppose.

But I do not understand, why PHP3 works correctly, but PHP4 does not?..

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-02 19:46:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Must be something related to that russian module you have loaded in your Apache


[2001-08-02 19:16:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Well, some days ago I had tried to patch PHP myself. No result :-( I have found that 
PHP does not get POST data larger than about 4000 bytes (3996). There is a constant in 


I understand that this constant explains the block size, which is used by PHP to read 
data from stdin in function:

in SAPI.c.

It is very VERY weird, but when I set SAPI_POST_BLOCK_SIZE to, for example, 10000, 
POST data is cutted by 4000 bytes again (not 10000, as I expected)! It looks like 
there is no bug in block-oriented algorythm of POST reading, but then why 4000?..

you think that it is HTTP-related bug? I don't think so: PHP3 works correctly...


[2001-07-27 10:57:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have configured PHP4 to process POST data less than 8000000 (phpinfo() reports that, 
see below). When I use the following script and enter a large block of text in the 
form, PHP4 cuts it off. Please test (with phpinfo() call, form at the bottom of the file) (the file I am inserting - please test it)

Here is the script:

echo @$text;

<form action=test.php method=post>
<textarea cols=60 rows=10 name=text wrap=virtual>
    <?$f=fopen("content.txt","r"); echo fread($f,100000)?>
<input type=submit name=go value="Go!">

I have encountered that use of multipart/form-data forms solves this problem, but 
usual POST forms does not work correctly. PHP3 also work correct with such forms.


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