Can we still use that server, cause i get a "Connection refused"-message.

Jo Giraerts
Interleuvenlaan 15A, 3001 LEUVEN, BELGIUM
icq:81939849, email:[EMAIL PROTECTED], ph0ne:+32(0)16 20 89 61 
pgp-key available at: htt:// 
fingerprint: 81EE B1FD 88E2 A03A 4F49 6D8A 806E 2220 9C2F 918B 

    I've got these opium queens that move around my space, 
    I said it's waste not, want not, 
    I think I'll take another, 
    I'm holding all this pain that I'm trying to smother.
                                                                <branvan3000 - 

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