On Saturday 04 August 2001 22:06, Stig Sæther Bakken wrote:

> Say PHP had a function to put it in "portable mode" changing the
> behaviour of a few functions.  Then for example PEAR classes would
> have to deal with running both with and without this mode, since the
> user can enable or disable it at will.  So this would in fact add
> complexity to the process of writing portable PHP code.

No this isn't the case. You can drop in and out of this mode in your own 
code, so PEAR classes would switch into it and there would be no problem.

> I think André is right that it's better to educate users (for example
> by telling them to disable magic_quotes :-).

I agree about the education bit as well, but I think it would be good to have 
a mechanism that help to future proof old code for when the rules changed.

Phil Driscoll

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