By the way, I can't really quantify significantly, as it depends on what 
kind of minit you have.  For a module such as the COM module, it can double 
the amount of time it takes the script to run (if you load typelibs).  For 
some other modules, it can be almost anything, if your minit is mostly 
empty.  As a general rule, it's a bad thing, since it repeats things which 
don't have to be repeated.

At 18:34 06/08/2001, Andrei Zmievski wrote:
>On Mon, 06 Aug 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:
> > Drawbacks:
> > - It's slow.  We encourage putting expensive operations into the
> > module_init, using dl() means they end up being done multiple times.
> >
> > - Under Apache, it's even worse - since in addition to slowliness, it also
> > ends up consuming significantly more memory, since any memory the 
> extension
> > allocates in module_init (e.g., the function entries it registers) cannot
> > be shared between the processes.
>This doesn't apply under the standalone version, which is what I'm
>mainly worried about.
> > - It prevents the engine from optimizing function calls at compile 
> time, by
> > looking at what kind of arguments these functions expect.  This is left 
> for
> > run-time, which results in significantly slower run-time performance.
>Can you quantify "significantly"?
> > - Literally, none of the extensions properly cleans up after itself,
> > leaving PHP in various degrees of instability.  This rarely translates to
> > crashes, because people don't usually have a script in which they dl() and
> > then use a class, another script in which they use the class without
> > dl()'ing first, and call the 2nd script right after calling the 1st
> > one.  Still, from a cleanliness perspective and in theory, it's bad.
>I see. I wasn't aware that the extension was supposed to clean up the
>classes it registers. I will fix PHP-GTK behavior on this.
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