ID: 12335
User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Mail related
Operating System: Sun Solaris 2.6
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

I found out, that the problem is not the EX_OK or EX_TEMPFAIL but the sendmail return 
Sendmail (the sendmail qmail wrapper) is returning the value -1 when I call it with 
php 4.0.6.
When I call it with 4.0.4pl than 0 is returned.
What could be the reason for this behaviour?

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-01 05:20:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I had a look on the mail.c sourcecode and I made a change. So I found the part where 
the error appears.
But I do not know why, in version 4.0.4pl1 it is the same code and with this version 
it works.

This is the extract from mail.c where the error appears:

                   ret = pclose(sendmail);
#if definded (EX_TEMPFAIL)
                   if ((ret != EX_OK)&&(ret != EX_TEMPFAIL)) {
                   if (ret != EX_OK) {
                            return 0;
                   } else {
                            return 1;

If I change the 0 to 1 than I get true as response of the mail() function.
So what could be the problem with EX_OK and EX_TEMPFAIL that the same if query is 
working in 4.0.4pl1 and not 
in 4.0.6? Who is EX_OK and EX_TEMPFAIL defined?


[2001-07-30 01:42:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This was a misunderstanding.
I have the problems with version 4.0.6.
But this machine is not on the internet. Because it's our testmachine. 
Our livesystem thats on the internet has version 4.0.4 and we want to update this 
machine to 4.0.6 but we can't do 
that as long as we have the problem with the mail function. The both systems are 
exactly the same.
I wrote this only to explain why I can't put the test script on the internet.


[2001-07-27 13:27:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

So which version of PHP are you using? In your comments
you say 4.0.4 but in the headers there is 4.0.6??


[2001-07-25 02:55:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I can't put this script to the internet, because I test it only on a fallback server 
that is currently not avaliable via the internet. On our live system that is in the 
internet we still use an older version (4.0.4), because of  the problem with the 
mail() function in version 4.0.4.

Some more information:
I use the sendmail wrapper from qmail.
In the php.ini file the I have made the following entry: 
sendmail_path   =       "/usr/lib/sendmail -t"
To update apache to the new php version I replaced only the file. 


[2001-07-24 17:41:53] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Since everybody else that has tried this says it works fine,
can you put this script on the internet so that I can see
this happen?


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