Jani Taskinen wrote:
> Should be fixed now. Update and try again.
> If you get more errors, let me know.
> --Jani

Almost :)

php_domxml.c: In function `php_if_domxml_node_attributes':
php_domxml.c:1469: too many arguments to function `node_attributes'
php_domxml.c: At top level:
php_domxml.c:2304: conflicting types for `node_attributes'
php_domxml.c:74: previous declaration of `node_attributes'
php_domxml.c:2339: conflicting types for `node_children'
php_domxml.c:75: previous declaration of `node_children'
make[3]: *** [php_domxml.lo] Error 1

Stig Smelror

Best regards
The DeadWhale Crew

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