> Duh! I should have read the email more carefully..I just get
> this odd rash everytime I see anything that even resemple Windows.. :)

I get that, too :)
What is worse, though, is the multitude of stupid cross-platform
incompatibilies, of which the whole EOL \r\n, \r, \n stuff is one of the
most annoying.
I vote we drop all three variant on all platforms now, and use \g instead

> Anyway, why don't you just use the snapshots? http://snaps.php.net/

That way, it is more difficult to commit the changes I make to dbx once in a
while :-)

The whole \r\n wouldn't be so bad if I just didn't use the built-in MSVS
editor, which can only save \r\n. Give me EditPlus instead...

Cheerio, Marc.

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