On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 05:54:34PM +0200, Marc Boeren wrote : 
> > Eek! I didn't notice thatthis was on Winblows.. nevermind then. :)
> Well, it wasn't, it was on a Linux box. But the cvs was checked out on a
> Winbox using cygwin, and then copied to the Linux box (that isn't allowed to
> cvs to the outside world because of the firewall... is there any way to use
> cvs over a http proxy?)
> > (I think there's even a bug report about this..?)
> I couldn't find it (at least, not quickly).
> There probably is a bugreport about tsrm.dsp being \n instead of \r\n,
> because I see that remark around here from time to time. However, I can't
> reach it, so I can't fix it :-)

Yes, bites always too. I don't get it and I'm staggered about my
own stupiditiy. Sometimes its checked out the right way, the
other time its unix \n with the same cvs command without doing
and modifications (using cygwin).

Anyway ... once you know it ;) ..

- Markus

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