At 02:01 PM 8/8/2001 -0500, Jason Greene wrote:
>There is one issue with 4.0.7 that probably should be fixed before branch. 
>The build
>system currently adds a libtool flag into CFLAGS whether libtool is in 
>link or compile mode.
>Since this option is only valid in compile, it gets passed to the 
>compiler. This causes a
>warning with gcc, but for other compilers (a la SUN CC) they fail
>I emailed Sascha about this, and he said that these options have to be 
>added to CFLAGS,
>in order to allow automake to still function correctly. So far it looks 
>like the only solutions,
>is to get rid of automake, and if that is done, I would think that it 
>should occur before branch.

It used to work. Can't we just rollback to the automake version which worked?


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