What about HTTP_SESSION_VARS ?? Was it forgotten or is
someone going to make it behave the same way too?

I did this already..and then I scrapped it 'cause I thought it
didn't work..and now I see it did. Unfortunately I already
threw those changes away... :( I need to sleep..


On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:

>As those of you who are subscribed to php-cvs may have noticed, Andi and I
>implemented today the functionality I suggested to replace register_globals:
>- $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_FILES, $_ENV and $_SERVER replace $HTTP_*_VARS
>(the old vars still remain for downwards compatibility)
>- The new variables are auto-globals - they're available in all function
>contexts - there's no need to import them using the 'global' statement or
>reference them using $GLOBALS.
>- $_REQUEST (this name might change) - includes the data from $_GET,
>$_POST, $_COOKIE and $_FILES, all in one array, for those users who don't
>really care to differentiate between the various types of input.
>This change was my last major TODO item for PHP 4.0.7.  At this point, we
>should try to get PHP 4.0.7 out the door soon.  I suggest we branch 4.0.7
>away next Tuesday, and start the QA process.  This should give people
>enough time to make any final changes they want to put into 4.0.7.
>One other idea I'd like to pitch is releasing 4.0.7 and 4.1.0
>simultaneously, with the only difference between them being the default
>value for register_globals.  This would create lots of noise and encourage
>people to start actually using the new $_GET&friends features, which can
>otherwise go unnoticed.

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