ID: 12661
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: MySQL related
Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Works for me just fine. And mysql_numrows() is deprecated
anyway and only exists as an alias for mysql_num_rows().

Closed this as if (which I doubt) it didn't work somewhere,
we're not gonna do anything about it. Use mysql_num_rows().


Previous Comments:

[2001-08-08 16:29:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have a short script that displays the number of rows from a mysql_query using 
mysql_numrows. It lives in my windows taskbar and refreshes every hour while I'm on 
the computer.

Today my hosting company upgraded to PHP 4.0.6 from 4.0.5 and the mysql_numrows is no 
longer returning a value. Using mysql_num_rows solves the problem.

A basic version of my script is:
$result = MYSQL_QUERY("...");
$rows = MYSQL_NUMROWS($result);
echo "$result</b>";

I do not control the webserver, so the hosting company may have used different command 
line options when they upgraded.


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