As the satellite extension has been experimental all of it's lifetime,
and it doesn't even compile (at least very easily :) I'd say nuke that
one, and put Universe in the CVS. Also, add a warning to configure
for satellite '--with-satellite' which breaks the configure and
instructs to use '--with-universe' instead and points to the README
in there.

Would this be good time to create that 'old_extensions' module/directory?
And start moving those deprecated extensions there?? And as of 4.1
remove them from the release.

A good thing might be to have one central config.m4 which holds all
the old configure options, and warns people if they use them?


On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:

>We can add it as an experimental, sure.  When do you think it'd be ready?
>At 12:14 09-08-01, David Eriksson wrote:
>>Quoting Zeev Suraski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> > This change was my last major TODO item for PHP 4.0.7.  At this point,
>> > we
>> > should try to get PHP 4.0.7 out the door soon.  I suggest we branch
>> > 4.0.7
>> > away next Tuesday, and start the QA process.  This should give people
>> > enough time to make any final changes they want to put into 4.0.7.
>>Would you like Universe to be included in the CVS before the branch?
>>(If someone did not notice, Universe is my new CORBA extension that will
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>>in the work-arounds necessary to use this language to perform
>>useful work." - Richard B. Johnson
>Zeev Suraski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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