I realize I can have per-directory settings, however the issue is that I
want a web developer to be able to use a simplified version of PHP on a
page, yet still be able to call encoded functions that have access to the
full version of PHP, without allowing them direct access to that code.

I had a crazy thought...Could I set up PHP to parse the page twice? One
time looking for my complex funcions prefixed with a special name...using a
full version of PHP, and then parse it a seccond time running all the
"regular" PHP code?


>> Does anyone have any ideas? I basically want to run 2 versions of PHP at
>> the same time, and access them from the same page. If you zend encode a
>> script, can I get it to refer to a different php.ini? Is the php.ini file
>> read when a script is executed, or does it get read only when you start
>> apache?
>If you are running Apache, you can use the .htaccess file to pass settings
>to individual directories; for an example see:
>       http://iki.fi/heko/utils/conf/dot-files/dot-htaccess
>The php.ini file is only read once per server startup.

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