I work in the website division of a large company that runs online
financial software. I have been promoting PHP since I arrived, and they are
finally looking at it seriously. We operate in a hyper-secure environment,
where Federal audits are a common occurence. 

We currently host over 1200 websites. I know this is hard to believe, but
the website component (not the actual financial product) is done in flat
html! Needless to say, we are very limited in what we can offer our clients
as far as the website.  We have been limited because of our security
department, and they are begining to realize (finally) that the situation
can't continue this way.

In comes PHP...

Here is my issue...The only way that they will allow PHP to run in our
website environment is if we disable a majority of the functions using the
disable_function parameter in the .ini. Our general web authors can deal
with this limitation because most of what they would be using PHP for is
simple includes and conditional statements. However, there are a number of
complex scripts (hopefully zend encoded, and source controlled) that would
use much more functionality than we offer to the general web authors. I am
trying to develop a system that would allow us to have a paired-down
version of PHP running on the sites, yet still allow the web authors to
call our complex scripts...

Does anyone have any ideas? I basically want to run 2 versions of PHP at
the same time, and access them from the same page. If you zend encode a
script, can I get it to refer to a different php.ini? Is the php.ini file
read when a script is executed, or does it get read only when you start

Thanks for any thoughts!

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