As this isn't a php problem, please post any answer only to the

>>>>> "Sebastian" == Sebastian Bergmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Sebastian>   Hi,
Sebastian>   while cleaning up my room today I found my copy of the MS Visual
Sebastian>   Studio .NET Beta 1 again. Since I was a little bored I installed
Sebastian>   it and tried again to build PHP 4 with it.

Sebastian>   It still chokes on the strtoll.c file. I wonder if someone else
Sebastian>   has tried to build PHP (or MySQL) with this next version of the
Sebastian>   standard Win32 compiler.

Sebastian>   Have a look at 

Sebastian>     http://www.sebastian-bergmann.de/libmysql.htm

Sebastian>   for the exact error messages. Sorry, I only own the german 
Sebastian>   version of Visual Studio.

Sebastian>   Note: This is currently not important, but better support it
Sebastian>   sooner than later, I think.

I have compiled MySQL with Visual Studio 6, so this should work...

It's strange that strtoull.c compiles but not strtoll.c, as they both
include the same include files and is basicly the same source.

Could you email the lines 380-445 from  .NET\Vc7\include\winnt.h so
that I can take a look at this.


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