From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: win98 with PWS
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     ODBC related
Bug description:  ODBC and PHP help needed.. Advanced

What i want to do is retrieve data from a table in access using odbc. I can
retrieve info correctly, except from when i want to retrieve specific
I want to create a table on a webpage that retrieves a column of info, and
uses this info to make a link. With this link there will be a querystring
called id, and this comes from the ID field in my DB which i also have
retrieved using my select statement.

So how do i use odbc_result and odbc_fetch_row together to achieve this. Or
is there another method using ODBC that i dont have knowledge of.

Beneath is my code::

Thnx in advance

<TITLE>MXManiaWorld :: Tracks - Download</TITLE>
<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
TH {color: white; background-color: gray}
TD {background-color: silver; text : black }
<BODY bgcolor="navy" text="">

//retrieve data from DB and show in browser.
//Img, then at side details.

//Declare DB variables
$odbc_dsn = 'mxm_db';
$odbc_userid = '******';
$odbc_userpassword = '******';

if(!($odbc_db=odbc_connect("$odbc_dsn", "$odbc_userid",
die("Couldn't connect to odbc database - $odbc_dsn");


echo "<TABLE WIDTH='98%' border='1' bordercolor='#ffffff'>";

$query2 = "SELECT ID, FileName FROM tbl_uploads";

//submit query
if(!($odbc_rs2 = odbc_exec($odbc_db, $query2)))
die("Error executing query. Please inform the webmaster");




while($query_data = odbc_fetch_row($odbc_rs2)) {
$num_cols = odbc_num_fields($odbc_rs2);
for($a = 1; $a <= $num_cols; $a++) {

if(!($track_id = odbc_result($query2, $a)))
die("Couldn't get result");
if(!($tracks = odbc_result($query2, $a)))
die("Couldn't get result") ;
echo "<TR>";
echo "<TD>$track_id</TD>";
echo "<TD><a href='./tracks.php?id=" . $track_id . "'>" . $tracks .
echo "</TD></TR>";


echo "</TABLE>"


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