ID: 5653
Updated by: cynic
Status: Open
Bug Type: Other web server
Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 4.0.5
New Comment:

[2001-08-16 12:24:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

There is small problem in Roxen's SAPI, which arises when duplicate headers are sent 
While playing with some PHP apps with Roxen, I found that regardless how many cookies 
set in PHP code, only one is sent to the browser.

Investigation shows that Roxen's SAPI uses Pike's type "mapping" to send
headers, which (of course) doesn't allow duplicate headers (in my case
"Set-Cookie") to be sent, i.e. only last one is sent, since subsequesnt calls to
set header with the same name will replace previous.

Proposed solution: use array instead of mapping. It will require changes in Roxen 
as well, of course, but this should not be difficult.

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-14 20:08:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

feedback -> open


[2001-07-24 12:23:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

OK here is the result...

Variable Value 
PHP_SELF  =  /test.php 
HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["cookie3"] = phprocks  

if you don't believe you can try at
The real problem is in source-file src/sapi/roxen/roxen.c about line 298 (in ver 4.0.6 
of PHP)...
this function (pike):
mapping_string_insert(REQUEST_DATA, ind, &mappie);
does not append headers of the same type (here cookies).
this means: old cookies are deleted and replaced with the last one you set.

The Problen is _not_ on the side of the webserver. I found out (and may proove) that 
the roxen-php-module will recieve more than only one cookie.... if you like, i would 
make some php-scripts that will show you...



[2001-07-24 09:02:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

this could be because your server is only sending one cookie to 

Try creating a script like the one below...
setcookie ("cookie1","helloworld");


go down to the section about the "HTTP Headers Information"
then go to the "HTTP Response Headers."  Either post this
information here, or give us the address to that page.


[2001-07-24 02:01:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This is not a browser-specific bug. It's only pike-specifc (roxen) .

I spent some time to undaerstand the roxen-sapi-code, but at last I'm not able to fix 
This 'bug' is already mentioned in the README....

So this 'bug' should be listed in 'missing features' or 'todo's' but not maybe not in 


[2001-07-23 19:26:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

i meant to say "only lets you set ONE"


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