it looks like the new domxml-extension (and therefore a api-change) got into
4.0.7RC1. I still find it quite unfortunate to have this api-change in a
minor release, but first the manual says, it's experimental and
second i found a way, to write my code to work with the "new" and the
"old" extension (bloats the code a little bit, but it works...)

But could someone please at least make a note about that in the NEWS file. I
think, a lot of people are using the domxml-extension and if it's not in
the NEWS-file, they won't notice it and are surprised, that their scripts
do not work anymore...

BTW, i'm not sure if one can call it an api-change, since the functions
did not change, but the structure of the returned values ... ($node->tagname
instead of $node->name for example)


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