The only change that I am aware of is the removal of half of the
aliases that domxml used to use. For example, previous versions had both
$node->tagname and $node->tag_name, which both returned the same
structure. I have removed all of the former in favor of the latter, to
hold to PHP conventions. Given the chance to think about it, you're
right, there should have been some mention in NEWS about the work going
on in domxml, but as it has been more or less completely broken for 2
point releases, I wasn't concerned at the time.

  What is the "old" API that you are referring to (ie, what PHP

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, Christian Stocker wrote the following to...:

> Hello
> it looks like the new domxml-extension (and therefore a api-change) got into
> 4.0.7RC1. I still find it quite unfortunate to have this api-change in a
> minor release, but first the manual says, it's experimental and
> second i found a way, to write my code to work with the "new" and the
> "old" extension (bloats the code a little bit, but it works...)
> But could someone please at least make a note about that in the NEWS file. I
> think, a lot of people are using the domxml-extension and if it's not in
> the NEWS-file, they won't notice it and are surprised, that their scripts
> do not work anymore...
> BTW, i'm not sure if one can call it an api-change, since the functions
> did not change, but the structure of the returned values ... ($node->tagname
> instead of $node->name for example)
> chregu

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