ID: 8784
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Informix related
Operating System: AIX 4.3.2
PHP Version: 4.0.4
New Comment:

No feedback. Reopen if you still have this problem
with PHP 4.0.7 (soon to be released) or with latest CVS 
snapshot from

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-31 21:29:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Just wondering..if you set INFORMIXSERVER prior to starting
the webserver, doesn't the webserver inherit the environment?? How are you running 
PHP? As a NSAPI module
or CGI ? FYI:I just recently committed a huge patch for 
Informix to make it compile and work in threaded



[2001-07-19 09:24:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

the 'diff -u' output is :
---      Thu Jul 19 10:34:25 2001
+++  Thu Jul 19 10:34:25 2001
@@ -351,6 +351,8 @@
     STD_PHP_INI_ENTRY_EX("ifx.max_links", "-1", PHP_INI_SYSTEM,
                        OnUpdateInt, max_links, php_ifx_globals, ifx_globals,
+    STD_PHP_INI_ENTRY("ifx.default_server", NULL, PHP_INI_SYSTEM,
+                       OnUpdateString, default_server, php_ifx_globals, ifx_globals)
     STD_PHP_INI_ENTRY("ifx.default_host", NULL, PHP_INI_SYSTEM,
                        OnUpdateString, default_host, php_ifx_globals, ifx_globals)
     STD_PHP_INI_ENTRY("ifx.default_user", NULL, PHP_INI_SYSTEM,
@@ -517,9 +519,16 @@
     char *hashed_details;
     int hashed_details_length;
+    static char server[40] ;
+    sprintf(server, "INFORMIXSERVER=%s", IFXG(default_server)) ;
+    putenv(server);
+       syslog(LOG_DEBUG, "php:%s", server) ;
     if (PG(sql_safe_mode)) {
         if (ZEND_NUM_ARGS()>0) {


[2001-06-14 11:14:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

create a patch file with your changes (diff -u <file name> > <patch name>)  and send 
it to the PHP mailing lists.

mind you will also want to place the patch here in the bug report, and give a good 
reason why, and sample script to reproduce the bug you are fixing.


[2001-01-18 11:02:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It is not possible to use PHP cgi with NETSCAPE E.S. 3.51 and INFORMIX because it is 
imperatively necessary to have INFORMIXSERVER variable in the environment. Alas the 
environment of scripts cgi is very limited. To be able to use INFORMIX nevertheless, I 
supplemented the file php.ini by adding a parameter 'INFORMIX.default_server' then I 
modified the file in order to read this parameter and to place it in the 
environment Before calling upon 'ifx_connect'. Is it possible to register my 
modifiaction in a permanent way in PHP?


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