On Mon, 27 Aug 2001 00:29:26 -0400 (EDT), Sterling Hughes wrote:

>    The current way I have it organized is as follows:
>    php4/pear/ADT.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/LList.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/Stack.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/Queue.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/AVLtree.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/BTree.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/RBTree.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/Heap.php
>    php4/pear/ADT/Set.php

Just a sidenote: All new contributions to PEAR have to be commited
to /pear, not to /php4/pear (this directory is only there until the
PEAR infrastructure is running).

- Martin

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