D:\home\php\php4\ext\standard\array.c(1380) : error C2198:
'php_rand_range' : Not enough parameters

D:\home\php\php4\ext\standard\math.c(736) : warning C4307: '+' :
Overrun of a integer constant

D:\home\php\php4\ext\standard\rand.c(72) : warning C4013: '_getpid'
D:\home\php\php4\ext\standard\rand.c(169) : error C2082: 
"tsrm_ls" already defined
D:\home\php\php4\ext\standard\rand.c(174) : error C2082: 
"tsrm_ls" already defined
D:\home\php\php4\ext\standard\rand.c(182) : error C2065: 'tsrm_ls' : 
undeclared identifier

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