From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Windows NT 4 Server
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     *Database Functions
Bug description:  Can't get data out of a ADO database with ADODB when using 4.07RC1


I've been using ADODB with the default windows build of PHP v4.06 to
retrieve data from an Access database using ADO.

Everything worked fine under PHP 4.06 but when trying out 4.07RC1 no data
is returned only empty recordsets.  It still works for odbc databases just
not for ADO and a few others.

I reported this as a bug to John Lim at his ADODB bug report site but he
said he hasn't tested 4.07 yet and to report it here.

Here's a simple script that under PHP 4.06 works fine but no data is
returned at all under PHP 4.07RC1.

Note: It uses an access database set up with a system DSN called testDB and
the database has one table (Table1) with two fields in it.


$szSQL = "SELECT * FROM Table1";

$objConn = &ADONewConnection('ado');
$objRS = $objConn->Execute($szSQL);

if (!$objRS->EOF)
        echo "got some data<BR>";
        echo "didn't get any data<BR>";

rs2html($objRS, 'border=2 cellpadding=3', array('Number','Test Text'));

// close the database connections


Under PHP 4.06 you get: "got some data" and then the HTML table output from

Under PHP 4.07RC1 you just get: "didn't get any data"
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