> I *NEVER* have anything to say until I have seen the code. Otherwise,
> it's just a bunch of castles in the air.

Okay, that's a point. That is not the custom where I learn&work, actually,
there is a saying that design & planning is 67% of the job, implementing
just 33%. That is if you want a good & stable code. (I know, that seems to
contradict, but just read on).

But, I got no comments at all (except the first time one by Rasmus) on the
design. The fact wether something compiles, and how quick it is, is simply
irrelevant until the final stage, but people don't seem to agree with me on
that point. Compile & run is a typical Microsoft approach to programming. In
the ideal situation a program won't compile until it is finished, and I'm
fine with that.

Everybody seems to fall about compile issues and performance problems and
leaks. Except for performance problems, which are often related to design,
this should have been irrelevant for the discussion (well, not about wether
it should already have been merged, but about wether this is the way to go.)

And about design, I haven't been given opportunity to discuss about it. I
made the mistake to merge it, I shouldn't have done that. But to me it
*seemed* the only way to start a discussion. I was really hungry for
feedback, which wasn't coming. Apperently because a lot of people go for
that compile&run, and discuss afterwards strategy, which is at my place
considered the sub-university way of programming.

> patch that is in such a sorry state by mergeing it to HEAD. Let me know
> when it is *STABLE*, when it will compile on my machine, and run with a

That is the point I make here, I wanted to discuss about the strategy and
design. You did have quite some comments on it, and I am of course listening
to them. But I didn't get the chance to act according to your
remarks/suggestings, rather, it is reverted.

Of course, I know now that you really want to have a stable HEAD. But I
asked a lot of times to give me feedback on that and other issues, and Zeev
even suggested to commit my initial work straight to HEAD.

But please you should have let me know that that is an issue with most of
you, I only had Zeev's mails as reference, and apperently a lot of people
have different feeling about it (or I really misunderstood him of course).


PS: it's too much to read all now, so it'll take another day (or two?)
before I can get to reply to other mails.

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