> Maybe you don't understand my way of coding (emphasis on CORRECTNESS, the
> rest comes in later stages). In fact I was REALLY in fast-coding mode
> because I wanted to commit/merge it before the big part of that introduction
> I was co-organising. I thought you would be able to discuss it, so after I
> had time again, I could react to it (in fact, I even doubted wether I got
> any reactions, since you all didn't seem to care about rand()).

Jeroen, I wish you wouldn't take things so personally.  You do have to
understand that this is a large cooperative project.  Committing something
that prevents the HEAD branch from building and then disappearing is about
the biggest sin you can commit.  Yes, it forces *everyone* to notice what
you are doing and it sounds like that this was partly the effect you were
trying to get.  But many of these people are working on their own bits and
pieces and by breaking the build you are interrupting everyone from
working on their own code.  It is not surprising that the reaction was
less than positive.

If you commit something that breaks the build, which happens, I have done
it many times, make sure you will have the time to fix things quickly or
if you don't, hold off on committing things that you know might break the
build.  I have a rather large commit sitting here on my laptop which I
would love some comments on, but it is extremely likely to break all sorts
of things.  I will be adding a temporary configure switch which turns my
code on and off and making sure that without the switch nothing changes
before I commit this beast.  The configure switch may actually be
permanent.  Need to do a few benchmarks to determine that...


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