Quoting Zeev Suraski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> >It also makes gettext useable.
> I don't buy that.  'gettext' is hardly the only token that's used 
> repeatedly throughout PHP, and we never made any exceptions anywhere
> else.

It's the kind of thing that gets used a lot in HTML, where otherwise there 
wouldn't be a function call at _all_ - just static text. Replacing gettext() 
with _() in this case actually does improve readability, in my opinion.

> >  It's documented, for what it's worth:
> >http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.gettext.php
> That's unfortunate.  IMHO, it should be phased out.

Exceptions in php extensions have been made before where the extension mirrors 
the c library exactly, in order to not confuse people familiar with the 
library. This is another one of those cases - people familiar with gettext will 
be very confused if _() doesn't work the way they expect it to.


Charles Hagenbuch, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Some fallen angels have their good reasons.

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