At 06:30 08-09-01, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
>Quoting Joey Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > So let's be the first ones to get our heads on straight and get rid of
> > this ridiculous concept. It is, IMHO, one of the worst ideas in the
> > history of the world...I'd really rather be reading perl regular
> > expressions than this.
>I know that backwards compatibility is a pain in the ass, but you might 
>want to
>consider that this has been around ever since the gettext extension was
>introduced, before launching the next crusade.

We have more or less of a standard procedure to handle this sort of things 
in PHP.  Step #1 is to remove it from the documentation completely.  Step 
#2 is to create notices to encourage people to stop using it, and possibly 
an INI option to turn it off.  Step #3 removes it altogether.

>Just out of the curiosity, have any of the people jumping on the bandwagon to
>bash this ever actually _used_ gettext at any kind of scale?

I haven't, but then, I do use cookies all the time and don't find it a big 
requirement to write $_COOKIE.  Seriously, it's not just an 
example.  People would use $_GET, $_COOKIE, $_SERVER a hell of a lot more 
than gettext().  And still, we didn't try to come up with some nifty short 
for them.  Note that gettext() isn't exactly 
get_an_international_version_of_this_string() either, it's just 7 letters 
for Perl's sake :)


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