> I disagree.  For instance, if I helped writing the combined module, and
> someone separated it without thoroughly making sure that everyone is ok
> with this separation, I believe it's upto him to be responsible to merge it
> back in.

    That surely happens in 0.01% of the cases.  My example
    referred to the fact that decisions by anyone on this list
    are completely meaningless, unless the person can convert
    that decision into actual code.

> What you suggest is that PHP will really be f(t), as people's
> resources change with time.  I do not agree.

    PHP has hardly evolved over the last six months.  php-dev has
    become another dragging, slow committee where no actual
    evolution can happen.  The sorry state of PHP development
    stems from that.

    Sometimes I envy the Linux kernel model where a dictator can
    actually move the development process forward and does not
    need to seek consensus with those individuals who managed to
    subscribe to some mailing list.

    - Sascha

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