It appears the .dsp's were misconfigured (for future reference- we should never need to use 'ignore libraries' for any of the MSVC runtime libraries; If we do - we have a problem somewhere else).

I suspect this happened around the time zlib support was added, and it was added improperly. I added zlib as a brother directory to PHP, much like bindlib_w32.


At 14:44 29/12/2002, Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
  For a long time I could use the following commands to build PHP on

    msdev "php4ts.dsw" /MAKE "php4ts - Release_TS_inline" /REBUILD
    msdev "php4ts.dsw" /MAKE "php4ts_cli - Release_TS_inline"

  The first command did a clean build of the SAPI/CGI binary and the
  php4ts.dll. The second command did a build of the SAPI/CLI binary.

  When I do this now, I get a linker error during the second build.
  Doing a clean build of the SAPI/CLI binary works, but it doesn't
  make sense to me to rebuild the php4ts.dll.

  Another thing I noticed today is that when building PHP + ZendEngine2
  I get a

    LINK: warning LNK4098: Standard library "MSVCRT" conflicts with
    other libraries; Use /NODEFAULT:LIBRARY

  warning. Could this be related to the fdopen.c assertion failure I'm
  seeing with ZendEngine2 builds?

_fdopen(int 4, const char * 0x004159ac `string') line 54 + 63 bytes
php_stream_url_wrap_php(_php_stream_wrapper * 0x00e07fc0, char *
0x004159a2, char * 0x004159ac `string', int 8, char * * 0x00000000,
_php_stream_context * 0x00000000, int 1, char * 0x102bf174 `string',
unsigned int 2380, char * 0x00415348 `string', unsigned int 366, void * *
* 0x00da2738) line 144 + 33 bytes
_php_stream_open_wrapper_ex(char * 0x0041599c `string', char * 0x004159ac
`string', int 0, char * * 0x00000000, _php_stream_context * 0x00000000,
int 0, char * 0x00415348 `string', unsigned int 366, char * 0x00000000,
unsigned int 0, void * * * 0x00da2738) line 2380 + 111 bytes
cli_register_file_handles(void * * * 0x00da2738) line 366 + 50 bytes
main(int 6, char * * 0x00da4f68) line 742 + 9 bytes
mainCRTStartup() line 338 + 17 bytes

  Sebastian Bergmann       

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