At 20:12 29/12/2002, Michael Sisolak wrote:
Zeev Suraski wrote:
> It's zlib.  I'm not sure why people relied on users having zlib
> as a part of their standard libraries under Windows, but it's not a
reasonable assumption...

> checkout zlib, build it (under both Release and Debug), delete *.lib
> *.dll from your PHP output directory, and relink.  I configured the
> project to work properly with PHP.


The current win32build tools has a zlibstat.lib in the lib directory.
So it's broken. But generally, I don't want any code that's required to build PHP under Windows not to be available in source, and from

If I copy that to also be called zlib.lib then the release 4.3.0 build
correctly.  Should we be linking to zlibstat.lib instead of zlib.lib or
updating win32build to include whatever zlib.lib it should link to?  I
would imagine that most Win32 builds will now fail (unless they happen
to have a zlib.lib in their library path).
I don't have a preference. We can change zlib.dsp to build zlibstat.lib instead of zlib.lib and link with zlibstat.lib, if that would solve the problem...


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