As you can see in bug #15209, the change that introduced this problem was that we started calling php_request_shutdown() in apache_module_main(), prior to calling it from php_apache_request_shutdown(). So, the place to put it is clearly php_apache_request_shutdown(), where it used to be called before.

The problem is by the time you would get to php_apache_request_shutdown(), the per-request memory manager is already deactivated, so any emalloc()'d memory you may have is already freed. I'm not sure how to tackle this in a server independent way...


At 21:55 30/12/2002, Joseph Tate wrote:
That's no good.  If I remove the sapi_close stuff, and try to execute the
shutdown functions in php_apache_request_shutdown() all I get is stuff in
the error log listing the "leaked" memory.  The requested function does not
get executed.


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> Try looking at php_apache_request_shutdown() in mod_php4.c.  It's
> our pool
> destructor.
> Zeev

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