At 19:59 25/01/2003, Friedhelm Betz wrote:

I rewrote the part in the phpdoc manual about building on windows.
zlib is builtin with 4.3.0 but the shipped Workspace for VC++
relies on a precompilded external zlib.lib.

Therefore building on win32, out of the box, is not possible without
downloading zlib sources, compiling them and either modify the
workspace or figure out where to place zlib.lib.

Two points:

1.) In the released 4.3.0 source dist, the workspace points to ../../zlib,
2.) for example snapshot php4-STABLE-200301241430 points to

This is hard to document....

1.) Are there future plans to include the zlib sources?
No. zlib is included in a similar way to the way we include bindlib_w32. It's in a different repository on, that we expect to be checked out and built by the time you build PHP.

2.) Should users be advised to modify
Nope (this particular file doesn't exist anymore, btw)

3.) Should users be advised to download zlib sources, building
Not sure - I think that zlib should be in the archive. If you put it where bindlib_w32.lib is, we should be fine :)


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