You are correct.  The output buffer is not auto-flushed with this patch.


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Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 3:16 AM
Subject: [PHP-DEV] Re: Register Shutdown Function for Apache

| Joseph,
| Your latest patch seems to be in the right direction (admittedly I haven't
| reviewed it until now).  A couple of random points:
| - It sounds dangerous to me to move php_request_shutdown() to be called
| from Apache's shutdown without further inspection.  At least one thing
| comes to mind - won't it screw up output buffers (they're supposed to
| autoflush on shutdown, and if I'm not mistaken, this autoflush will now
| happen when the connection is already closed)?  Possibly some other things
| - Once we're all happy with the patch, we need to decide what to do with
| it.  Right now, there are no plans to release any further 4.x versions,
| except for bug fixes.  And the question arises - should this change be in
| bugfix release or not.  It certainly has potential to screw things up.
| Zeev
| At 18:38 23/01/2003, Joseph Tate wrote:
| >I can have the patches ready to go in a very short amount of time.  I'll
| >work on and post them if I can be reasonably sure they'll be committed.
| >tired of spinning my wheels with this though.  I've got a personally
| >version of 4.3.0 that will be going into production in a few weeks, so
| >confident in the changes.  I'd like to not use a personally patched
| >of PHP the next time a release comes down the pipe though.  As a
| >this patch will fix bug #15209 without breaking the new functionality of
| >register_shutdown_function under !apache systems.
| >
| >I've appealed to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] for karma to apply them myself, but
| >the last two weeks have heard nothing either negative or positive.
| >
| >Joseph
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